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Self Care

Discovering 2017

There are two types of people in the world - people who love the new year, starting fresh, making resolutions and people who despise the new year, who don't believe you should wait for the new year to improve or make... Continue Reading →


10 Christmas Gifts for Health & Fitness Lovers

Christmas is right around the corner - ONE WEEK AWAY?!?!  I don't know if you're like me, but I have been pretttttty busy the last month & Christmas shopping hasn't exactly been a priority.  So here are some perfect Christmas... Continue Reading →

Achieving Balance

Balance.  Ohh the infamous balance.   It's not unusual now a days to hear people say, "it's all about balance" or "it's all about moderation".  It's a common word people use to describe being in a place where you make... Continue Reading →

No Neglect November

In life we can easily be pulled in many different directions... your family needs this, your friend needs that, you can't be late to work one more time, don't forget about that big paper due on Friday, oh be sure... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Staying On Track While Traveling

Whether I am going on a long road trip, vacation, or just going home for a couple of days, I always find it challenging to stay on track when I am out of my normal routine.  Traveling and departing from... Continue Reading →

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