Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I did a marathon training update. Β Life has been busy with my summer semester coming to an end and having the privilege of becoming an aunt! πŸ™‚ Β Despite the craziness, marathon training is STILL happening and I have made it halfway! Β I have run into a few more aches and pains that I haven’t dealt with before but nothing that has stopped me from running. (thank goodness)

baby zeke

I’ve definitely Β learned some lessons in the importance of taking care of my body through proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, foam rolling, warm ups, and cool downs. Β It’s amazing what a difference these factors can make with my running and recovery. Β I’ve also put in some extra time in learning about correct running form and strived to implement what I’ve learned into every single run.

run 1

I’m eight weeks in and honestly, I’m loving it! Β Sure, there are days when sleeping in or cuddling with my puppy sounds better than going for a run, but for the most part I am still feeling very motivated. Β I’ve been enjoying the balance I’ve created between running and other forms of fitness. Β I LOVE having a goal to work towards and find it extremely helpful in discovering motivation on the days I’m lagging. Β I have eight more weeks to go and while my mileage won’t change too drastically, my long runs will be increasing to distances I have never gone. Β I’m slightly nervous for the next couple of weeks but mostly excited to see what my mind and body can do!

zoey 2

Now, on to the good stuff…


Week Five

Monday: 50 min swim + resistance training

Tuesday: 6 miles – intervals

Wednesday: 4 miles – regular run + resistance training

Thursday: 8 miles – pseudo long run

Friday: 60 min hot yoga

Saturday: Christmas in July Half Marathon

Sunday: rest day


Week Six

Monday: 5 miles – easy run + resistance training

Tuesday: 7 miles – hills

Wednesday: resistance training + 60 min hot yoga

Thursday: 6 miles – regular run

Friday: 35 min rowing workout + 60 min hot yoga

Saturday: 13 miles – long run

Sunday: rest day


Week Seven

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 7 miles – run as you feel + resistance training

Wednesday: 6 miles – run as you feel + 60 min hot yoga

Thursday: 6 miles – regular run + resistance training

Friday: 60 min bike ride + 60 min hot yoga

Saturday: 14 miles – long run

Sunday: rest day


Week EightΒ (no yoga or resistance training due to shoulder injury)

Monday: 30 min bike ride (workout cut short to meet my new nephew! πŸ™‚ )

Tuesday: 8 miles – intervals

Wednesday: 60 min bike ride

Thursday: 7 miles – regular run

Friday: 4 miles – regular run

Saturday: 11 miles – long run

Sunday: rest day