Alright, y’all…I’ve completed my first two official weeks of my marathon training plan! (hoorah for beginnings!) ย Like I said before, I want to share my experience training for my first marathon in hopes to encourage, motivate, and help others learn from my mistakes (& hopefully some successes ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


I’ve tried to be intentional about mixing up my workouts and not only running, even though I’m training for a marathon. ย If I don’t mix it up on a regular basis, I tend to get bored or burnt out of one type of training. ย Besides, different forms of exercise have different benefits, so it’s healthy to incorporate various forms of training. ย Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Week One

Monday: 4 miles – regular run + resistance training

Tuesday: 60 min spin class

Wednesday: 5 miles – regular run + 60 min hot yoga

Thursday: rest day (recovering from an ankle injury)

Friday: 4 miles – regular run + 60 min hot yoga

Saturday: 8 miles – long run

Sunday: rest day

Week Two

Monday: 5 miles – regular run + strides + resistance training

Tuesday: 7 miles – intervals

Wednesday: resistance training + 60 min hot yoga

Thursday: 4 miles – regular run

Friday: 60 min hot yoga

Saturday: 9 miles – long run

Sunday: rest day

I’ve been enjoying my training schedule and am still feeling strong & motivated! ย One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far, is the importance of listening to your body. ย It’s a work in progress for me but I am doing my best! ย For example, I did not want to take a rest day on Thursday of my first week for an annoying throbbing ankle, but my body thanked me later for that extra day of rest! ย I wanted to take a spin class on Friday of week two but decided just to stick to the hot yoga because my body felt drained and a little under the weather. ย Your body is smart and tells you what you need, from food to fitness. ย Learn to listen to it!