There are two types of people in the world – people who love the new year, starting fresh, making resolutions and people who despise the new year, who don’t believe you should wait for the new year to improve or make changes to your life.  While I do believe you can decide to make changes in your life and stick to them AT ANYTIME, I also enjoy the feeling of a fresh start each new year brings.  I enjoy setting time aside to reflect on the last year of my life and to dream for the year to come.

Before the beginning of 2016, I heard of the idea of choosing or discovering a new word for each new year in your life.  People decide on a word that they want to focus on, learn more about, live out, etc.  2016 was the first year I decided to choose a word.  I chose a word, thought about for a couple months, and then kind of forgot about for the majority of the year.  I loved the idea and purpose behind this practice but really wasn’t too serious about it.

The past couple weeks I have been spending time reflecting and dreaming about what 2017 has to hold and last night a word came to me.  I didn’t choose the word this time, I discovered it.


noun – a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty, skill, etc.

verb – to flourish or thrive

I am a dreamer.  I am someone who comes up with big, unrealistic, and abstract ideas that I sometimes share with others and other times never speak of.  However, this year I have a lot of big ideas that I want to make a reality.  I have goals I want to work towards physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally, and professionally.  I have a huge desire to grow, develop, & produce authenticity in ALL aspects of my life.  I am craving and eager to BLOOM this year.

I know this whole post may sound wayyyy to cheesy for you (I apologize 🙂 ), but I mean it with the most sincere part of my heart.

I want to represent an idea.

I want to educate, inspire, and motivate other individuals.

I want to attack my fears & doubts and make a difference.

I am ready to bloom.

What word will you discover for 2017?