Reasons to use Kettlebells in your workouts…

  1. SO easy to integrate into your workouts
  2. Add resistance to functional movements
  3. NEVER boring
  4. Requires only ONE piece of equipment
  5. Can be done ANYWHERE

Needless to say… kettlebells are bomb.  Kettlebell workouts are a great way to combine strength and cardio training.  The workout I did below is a full body workout using a 15 lb kettlebell for the Russian Twists and a 35 lb kettlebell for the rest of movements. You can adjust the weight of the kettlebells for each movement depending on your fitness level!

Check out my Instagram for videos of the movements below 🙂

40 Seconds per Exercise followed by 20 Seconds of Rest

3-4 Rounds Total

KettleBell Swing

Goblet Squat

Kettlebell High Pull

Kettlebell Russian Twists

Shoulder to Shoulder Press

Single Leg Deadlift