Whether I am going on a long road trip, vacation, or just going home for a couple of days, I always find it challenging to stay on track when I am out of my normal routine.  Traveling and departing from my structure used to leave me feeling anxious, stressed, and worried.  Without my normal life and meals scheduled out I felt I had no control.  I very much enjoy routine and structure but I do not want to fear traveling and living my life because I have to leave the comfort of my routine.  I believe it is entirely possible to maintain my healthy lifestyle no matter where I am and what I am doing.  Here are some tips and tricks that I use to set myself up for success while traveling:


When I know I am going to be traveling I always prepare healthy snacks to take with me!  This is helpful because you always have a healthy alternative when the candy, cookies, and chips are brought out for everyone else to snack on.  I usually portion out my snacks ahead of time so they are already in the appropriate serving size.  I like to bring things like nut mix, fruit, veggies, almond butter, and healthy protein bars.  I also like to bring chia seeds and protein if I know I will have access to equipment to make a smoothie.

2.Drink Lots of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  It is especially easy to become dehydrated while traveling so it is extra important to stay on top of your hydration.  Drinking lots of water also relieves bloating that many people struggle with while they travel and helps to identify if you are actually hungry or not.

3.Find Time to Sweat

It’s pretty simple…don’t skip a workout.  Make it a priority to find at least a little time to sweat.  I promise this will make you feel so much better and always encourages me to make healthier decisions with my food throughout the day.

4.Be Flexible

Being out of your normal routine can push you to be a little more open-minded.  Maybe you only like lifting or you always have protein pancakes for breakfast but you might not have access to a gym to lift or to a kitchen to cook.  It is important to be flexible with your exercise and food choices.  You can still make healthy decisions that are not part of your normal routine.  You might find yourself running stairs or doing a body weight circuit workout during your traveling experiences instead of your usual lifting.  You may start your days off with a veggie omelette or yogurt & fruit blend instead of your usual protein pancakes.  Different is not always bad so learn to be flexible and do your best to continue your healthy lifestyle.

5.Moderation and Grace

Traveling often times broadens our opportunities to experience new foods, delicious home cooked meals, and decadent desserts.  I encourage you to not restrict yourself from experiencing these foods but to keep in mind the importance of moderation.  Restricting yourself completely could potentially lead to binging or feelings of being left out later on.  You can indulge in your mom’s homemade chicken pot pie or that restaurants double chocolate cake, just do it in moderation.  Most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it.  Have grace for yourself and know that this is a journey and having treats in moderation is not going to set you back.

Don’t miss out on memorable opportunities in your life out because you fear not being in control!  Learn to thrive in the open, unstructured, and abnormal experiences!