Last night for dinner I attempted my first zucchini boats ever! And let me tell you…they were DELICIOUS! I looked at some different recipes and made up my own to accommodate what I like to eat! It’s not a hard recipe to follow, but does take some prep time to cut up vegetables, make the seasoning, and cook the meat (which you could do ahead of time). I highly recommend giving it a try!

Ingredients for 4 servings:

4 medium-large zucchini (I used smaller ones cause that’s what we had but I would recommend using larger ones)

180g Brown rice

190g or 1c Red Pepper

190g or 1c Onion

240g or 1 ½ c Corn

320g or about 12 oz. Ground Turkey


Taco Seasoning

1 T Chili Powder

1 ½ t Cumin

1 ½ t Paprika

1 t Salt

½ t Garlic powder

½ t Onion powder

½ t Cayenne pepper (if you don’t like a little kick add ¼ t)


Slice the zucchini in half and hollow it out with a spoon or melon scooper. (You can save the insides for a different recipe that calls for zucchini) Place each boat into a glass-baking dish. Lightly brush the tops of the zucchini with olive oil.


Cook the ground turkey in a skillet while mixing up the taco seasoning. When the ground turkey is fully cooked, add 2/3 c water and the taco seasoning. Cook it on high until all the water has cooked in and then let it simmer for a couple minutes. You can take it off the stovetop after it is done.


Cook the rice in the microwave or on the stovetop. Cut up the peppers & onions and cut the corn off the cob. In a skillet cook the peppers, onions, rice, and corn with a little bit of olive oil.



Put the meat and then the filling into each boat. Sprinkle with cheese. Cover the glass-baking dish with foil and cook in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.



ENJOY!! Leftovers will be good for 3 days!

boat-6              boat-7