About the Blog

I have created Food. Fitness. Funn. as vessel to connect with others who enjoy health and fitness as much as I do. This blog will feature fitness motivation, yummy recipes, and me being 100% authentic with you. Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. In fact, it can be extremely challenging filled with ups and downs. However, we can encourage and support each other in our journeys! My goal is to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with fitness, nutrition, and self-care as focuses in my life.

About the Blogger

I’m Kayla Jones, just your normal, average everyday young adult striving to navigate through life’s chaos. I am a senior in college majoring in Social Work and I LOVE IT. I could never imagine myself doing anything else. I love people and have a passion for serving, empowering, listening, and loving others. I also have a BIG passion for.. you guessed it.. health and fitness! I enjoy exercise, outdoor adventures, and experimenting with my cooking. Other important things to know about me include: I love love love my family and friends, I am obsessed with puppies/dogs, and I am secretly one of Santa’s elves due to the fact that I have Christmas cheer all year around. 🙂


I have been involved in sports all year around since I can remember. I played many different ones over the years but the two I spent the majority of my free time playing while I was in high school is basketball and soccer. It wasn’t until college that I was actually in charge of my own workouts. It was exciting, liberating, and kind of overwhelming. Since being in college I have done weight lifting, running, different forms of HIIT, hot yoga, CrossFit, BBG, and spin class. I’ve tried A LOT of different types of exercise but have always remained active through my experimentations. I completed BBG a few months ago and decided to go back to it because of how much I enjoy it and the results it gave me! I love the variety of workouts and how flexible you can be with switching up your LISS and HIIT training. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build lean muscle or just stay active.


I believe that good nutrition makes a HUGE difference in how I feel and look.   I’m not perfect by any means but I do strive to eat clean as much as I can by eating whole, unprocessed foods as a majority of my diet. I do not cut out any food groups and try to make balanced meals. I usually eat five smaller meals a day and try to hit a certain number of servings for each food group. I have done calorie counting, if it fits your macros, and not really paid attention to my nutrition at all but keeping track of servings for each food group is what I found that works best for me and helps me stay balanced. I absolutely do enjoy at least one maybeeee two treat meals a week because again, BALANCE! I recommend Kayla Itsines’s HELP nutrition guide if you are looking for some nutrition guidance and ideas. I will definitely be making all sorts of fun, healthy (maybe sometimes unhealthy) recipes on here for you to try!

Self Care

Last but definitely not least, self-care. Through my major and the different leadership roles I have had during college, the importance of self-care has been stressed to me over and over again. Self-care means taking the time out of our busy schedules to do something that fills us up and gives us energy. This could be different for everyone. For some people self-care may be a nap, writing in a journal, or going on a walk. For other people it may be painting, exercising, or just having time to sit in the peace and quiet. It really is something that each individual has to figure out for him or herself, but can make such a huge difference in how we think, feel, and act. It is easy to become overwhelmed, run down, and spread too thin. Participating in forms of self-care helps to prevent that from happening and benefits our emotional and spiritual health.